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Explore Underwater Reefs at Church Bay Beach

Want an secluded adventure through Bermuda's rockier waters? Church Bay Beach may be the perfect spot for you — great for snorkeling, exploring aquatic life, and sightseeing.

Church Bay Reef

A small, rocky beach, Church Bay isn't meant for sunbathing. Its hidden attractions instead feature breathtaking sea life, craggy cliffs and beautiful views.

In the summer, the most popular thing to do is rent masks and snorkel equipment to explore Church Bay's hidden depths. The beach is a local favorite because of its unique reef, which is relatively close to the shore and thus draws parrotfish and other colorful tropical fish to the coral formations.

Overall, snorkeling in Church Bay is an unforgettable experience that feels like swimming in an aquarium.

Church Bay Park

Once you dry off, take a walk in Church Bay Park for an afternoon of sightseeing and birdwatching.

You can immerse yourself in Bermuda's beautiful foliage, picnic at one of the many comfy tables, and take in the calming ocean breeze. Although it's a relatively small park on the island, Church Bay Park gives you peace and quiet away from the city noise.

Church Bay Beach

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