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Team Spotlight: USA Islanders

On August 10, the newly formed USA Islanders team will face the mighty Saracens in a historic charity match in Bermuda. With months of preparation, the USA Islanders are ready to take on the challenge.

Excited for the game? Here's an inside look at the USA Islanders player lineup.

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"Proud to be a Bermudian"

If you've ever visited Bermuda, chances are you've heard of the iconic song, "Proud to be a Bermudian," written by local songwriter John Woolridge. Aimed at bringing the island together, "Proud to be a Bermudian" not only gives insight into the vibrant culture Bermuda possesses but also is the perfect song to kick off the upcoming charity match benefiting Beyond Rugby.

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Only 5 Days Until #ISLvsSAR

We are officially only 5 days away from one the most anticipated rugby matches of the summer! The newly formed USA Islanders will travel to Bermuda on August 10th to take on the Saracens at the Bermuda National Sports Centre!

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Docksider's: Official Food Supplier of the USA Islanders Rugby Team

We're proud to announce that The Docksider Pub & Restaurant is the official supplier of meals for the USA Islanders, the Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars and the Republic of Texas All-Stars for their stay on the island of Bermuda for the Atlantic Rugby Cup 2017.

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New USA Islanders Rugby Bags Design Unveiled

The new USA Islanders rugby bags are ready for shipment. Emblazoned with brilliant red, white and blue with a customized USA Islanders logo print on the side, the rugby bags made by USA Eagle Jeff Lombard of International Athletic are perfect at gearing up the USA Islanders for their much-anticipated #ISLvsSAR match.

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How to Create Your Own URugby Player Profile

Here's how to create your login on URugby, which also serves as your player profile. In seconds, you can quickly customize your biography, social media handles, and team affiliations!

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