Chesapeake Collegiate Rugby vs Navy Rugby

In a bigger and better event than all previous years, the 2019 Bermuda International 7s welcomes the Chesapeake Collegiate Rugby Conference's Select Side to compete against other high ranking rugby teams across the United States, Canada and Bermuda.

After a hiatus in 2018 and successful trips to the island of Bermuda in 2016 and 2017, the Norwich Cadets return to the Ariel Re Bermuda International 7s in 2019 stronger than ever.

Catch the wave in Bermuda March 2019

Stony Brook University has officially announced their attendance at the 2019 Bermuda Intl 7s tournament this March.

Jerry Mirro, Stony Brook Head Coach, reported, "We look to bring a strong team to Bermuda each year. The kids enjoy the competition and have a real opportunity to bond with the other teams in the tournament. We’ve made strong, lasting relationships with many of the local Bermudians that we see year to year."

Elbow Beach

Experience a luxurious beach experience with all the quintessential Bermuda touches at Elbow Beach, which has an accompanying resort and a public access area.

Schuylkill River Hosts 2018 Philadelphia 7s

Schuylkill River RFC hosts the Philadelphia 7s rugby tournament for the 2018 Summer Sevens MAC qualifiers on July 14th. The best men's and women's rugby teams in the Mid-Atlantic will compete in the Men's Premier, Open, and Social divisions, as well as Women's Premier and Open.

Mark Lee Dombroski, age 19 of Media, PA, was found deceased on March 19, 2018 (Feast of St. Joseph) in Bermuda, because of injuries sustained from a fall. 

Mark Lee Dombroski, age 19 of Media, PA, was found deceased on March 19, 2018 (Feast of St. Joseph) in Bermuda, due to injuries sustained from a fall. Earlier in the weekend, Mark participated in the Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s tournament with his St. Joseph’s University teammates.

2018 Bermuda Intl 7s finals

In a surprise finish, AIC, narrowly defeated Bermuda in the women's final. The close finish electrified the hometown fans as AIC had dominated play all weekend. In the men's final, Kutztown controlled the tempo and the final victory was seemingly never in doubt. KU 24 - Bermuda All-stars 12.

Colgate Men

Colgate Men joined 19 other squads from Bermuda and the US in the tournament everyone has been talking about. In addition to the Colgate Men, Coach David Chapman brought two women's sides to compete. Day 1 scores are available on Tune to on your phone for up to the minute scores Saturday from 12 noon to 6:30p ADT.

Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s Lineout

The long anticipated Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s is fast approaching. Tournament starts this Friday evening, 3:00p EST (4:00p ADT). Stay informed with the latest scores and highlights on

2016 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s

The teams are set and the flights are booked! With only two short weeks until rugby teams from across the USA and Bermuda will meet on the pitch, everyone is excited for a weekend full of outdoor festivities, big rugby crowds and, of course, beautiful beaches. 

As the tournament continues to grow, a record number of new and returning rugby teams will compete in the 2018 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s for the title of champion.

Bermuda All stars 2016 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s

The final roster is in! In the biggest year yet, the 2018 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s will host 4 mini teams, 5 high school boys teams and 16 collegiate men's and women's teams at the National Sports Centre, Bermuda’s premier sporting event venue.

Bermuda Hamilton Princess

URugby has partnered with the Hamilton Princess to offer exclusive deals to teams and families traveling to the island for the 2018 Ariel Bermuda Intl 7s.

Colgate women's rugby have committed to traveling to Bermuda

With the tournament fast approaching, more rugby teams have committed to traveling to Bermuda on March 16-17 to compete in the 2018 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s. Ohio State, Ithaca and Colgate have now joined the ranks of attending teams as they announced their commitment to attend. 

Bermuda National Sports Centre Clubhouse

Due to popular demand, registration for the 2018 Bermuda Intl 7s tournament will remain open for teams interested in playing at at Bermuda's National Sports Centre.

Join the Bermuda Rugby Football Union as they host teams from across the U.S. for a weekend of great rugby in a world-class venue. Don’t miss this opportunity to compete in Hamilton, Bermuda!

Jobson's Cove in Bermuda

Nestled within the vibrant island oasis of Bermuda is a hidden beach called Jobson's Cove. This tiny stretch of exquisite pink sand sits surrounded by a looming rock cliff that almost completely encircles the sand, creating an idyllic lagoon.

AIC Women's Rugby

Universities like the American International College (AIC) are sending their women's sides to Bermuda to play against the Bermuda All-Stars Women in March. 

Nathan Morgan, Beyond Rugby Bermuda

Like Nathan Morgan, many players on both the men and women's Bermuda All Stars teams owe their success to the Beyond Rugby program. 

 Railway Trail in Bermuda

Getting around Bermuda is an easy feat, with transportation readily available everywhere. But what should you do when you want to get out of the bustling city of Hamilton? Slow down and unwind by walking, jogging or bicycling along the famous Railway Trail.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Climb to the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse for a surreal birds-eye view of the island, and an accompanying dose of local Bermudian history. On the way up, you'll climb 185 steps or eight flights of stairs!

Ariel Re Bermuda All Stars

For the third year in a row, Ariel Re has claimed title sponsorship for the annual high school and collegiate 7s tournament to be held in Bermuda on March 16-17, 2018. Ariel Re has been the title sponsor for the annual Bermuda 7s tournament since its inception in 2016.

Cliff Dive Off Clarence Cove

For any rock climbing enthusiasts, Clarence Cove's cliff is a popular attraction on the beautiful Bermudian seaside. Try your skills above the water by climbing the limestone cliffs that lead to tunnels built by the British military in the 1850s. Set in Admiralty House Park, you can also explore the ruined mansion that used to exist on the land or simply walk along the beach and enjoy the views.

University of Notre Dame Rugby

The University of Notre Dame officially announced their attendance at the 2018 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s tournament next March.  

Despite their reputation for hard-fought wins, the Irish will be facing off against veterans teams and division champs from a variety of conferences.

Iona Rugby

Since the inception in 2016, the Bermuda 7s tournament has faced success after success with the ever expanding line-up of amazing teams from the United States and Bermuda.

In an effort to make 2018 the best year yet, the Bermuda Rugby Football Union invites collegiate men's and women's sides and high school boy and girls teams to travel to Bermuda for a chance to challenge other skilled international rugby teams.

Church Bay Beach

Want an secluded adventure through Bermuda's rockier waters? Church Bay Beach may be the perfect spot for you — great for snorkeling, exploring aquatic life, and sightseeing.

St George's UNESCO World Heritage Site

For the fellow history buff, Bermuda has you covered. Visit the historical town and fortifications of St George's, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. 

2018 Ariel Re Bermuda Intl 7s

Spots are filling fast! Don’t miss this opportunity to compete in historic Hamilton, Bermuda. The tournament is set to hold Men and Women's collegiate and high school sevens teams.

Get a jump on spring and join the Bermuda Rugby Football Union for great rugby in a world-class venue on March 16-17, 2018. Several universities have already committed to compete, including Kutztown University, University of Notre Dame, Stony Brook University, and St. Joe's University.

USA Islanders

The USA Islanders are a band of brothers with island heritage including Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Hawaii and islands of the Caribbean, with years of rugby experience. Vahafolau Esikia, nicknamed as "Vaha" by his friends, is the Head Coach of the USA Islanders.

USA Islanders Inaugural Match

In the USA Islanders' Inaugural Match in Bermuda, the Saracens came out on top with a score of 92 to 0.

Bermuda International 7s Bermuda All-Stars Women

In a bigger and better event than all previous years, the 2018 Bermuda International 7s invites all high school girls and collegiate women's teams to compete on the island next March.

So far the American International College and Ohio Wesleyan University have all expressed interest in bringing their women's sides to Bermuda to play against the Bermuda All-Stars Women.

Saint Joseph's University Rugby Team

As teams start to register for the 2018 Bermuda International 7s tournament, several universities have committed to compete for the Cup. Kutztown, Stony Brook, and St. Joe's are just three of the returning teams making the trip next March.

2017 Collegiate All-Star Rugby Cup

In the first ever Collegiate All-Star Rugby Cup, the Republic of Texas All-Stars were victorious over the Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars, 33 to 12.

Atlantic Rugby Cup

The results of the Atlantic Rugby Cup doubleheader are finally in, with the Collegiate All-Star Rugby Cup and Islanders vs. Saracens matches ending with surprising results.

Atlantic Rugby Cup

The Atlantic Rugby Cup is happening today, and you won't want to miss out on the action. Don't forget about the time change, Bermuda goes by ADT, which is one hour ahead of United States Eastern Time.

LRC vs Tex

The Collegiate All-Star Rugby Cup will be LIVE on at 4:15p ET [5:15 ADT] tomorrow, August 10, 2017 or at 4:30 ET [5:30p ADT] in Bermuda. The inaugural Cup will feature an all-star team from the newly formed Liberty Rugby Conference against the Republic of Texas All-Stars.

Collegiate matchup

Today's featured matchup stars Nick Dillon of the Liberty All-Stars against Tyler Hawkins of the Republic of Texas All-Stars. Dillon is from Rutgers University, while Hawkins plays for Baylor University. Both are talented players to keep an eye out for on the field this Thursday, August 10 at 5:30ADT in Bermuda or online live on

Urugby matchup

Today's featured matchup stars two talented wings, Nathan Earle from the mighty Saracens against Viliami Huihui from the USA Islanders. See them on the field at the Atlantic Rugby Cup.

On August 10, the Atlantic Rugby Cup doubleheader features the Republic of Texas All-Stars vs Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars match followed by the highly anticipated USA Islanders vs the Saracens match. Coverage begins at 4:15pm ET [5:15pm ADT] live in the Bermuda National Sports Centre and will be streamed online on

5 Day Countdown

We are officially only 5 days away from one the most anticipated rugby matches of the summer! The newly formed USA Islanders will travel to Bermuda on August 10th to take on the Saracens at the Bermuda National Sports Centre.

USA Islanders coach Vaha Esikia

On August 10, the newly formed USA Islanders team will face the mighty Saracens in a historic charity match in Bermuda. With months of preparation, the USA Islanders are ready to take on the challenge.

Excited for the game? Here's an inside look at the USA Islanders player lineup.

 Sailing Class at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

As the host of The America's Cup, Bermuda is no stranger to sailing. Take a note from the experts and join a sailing class to explore the surrounding water at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Urugby matchup

Today's featured matchup pits Tim Streather of the Saracens against Sani Taylor of the USA Islanders, both talented centers. See them on the field at the Atlantic Rugby Cup.

On August 10, the Atlantic Rugby Cup doubleheader features the Republic of Texas All-Stars vs Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars match followed by the highly anticipated USA Islanders vs the Saracens match. Coverage begins at 4:15pm ET [5:15pm ADT] live in the Bermuda National Sports Centre and will be streamed online on

Proud to be a Bermudian

If you've ever visited Bermuda, chances are you've heard of the iconic song, "Proud to be a Bermudian," written by local songwriter John Woolridge. Aimed at bringing the island together, "Proud to be a Bermudian" not only gives insight into the vibrant culture Bermuda possesses but also is the perfect song to kick off the upcoming charity match benefiting Beyond Rugby.

West Whale Bay Beach

Located at Southampton Parish's western end, West Whale Bay Beach offers a secluded tropical oasis away from Bermuda's bigger beaches. With imposing cliffs surrounding a picturesque stretch of pink sand, West Whale Bay Beach is a calm, scenic escape from city life.

5 Day Countdown

We are officially only 5 days away from one the most anticipated rugby matches of the summer! The newly formed USA Islanders will travel to Bermuda on August 10th to take on the Saracens at the Bermuda National Sports Centre!

Urugby matchup

Today's unlikely matchup pits two talented rugby players against each other -- Mikle Dill from Beyond Rugby Bermuda and Brad Barritt from the legendary Saracens. Since Mikle Dill has recently returned from the Stellenbosch Rugby Academy to improve his rugby skills, we decided to see how he would do against someone who plays professionally, like Brad Barritt for the Saracens. Let's see who can get the most support from their fan base.

Beyond rugby bermuda

The August 10th Atlantic Rugby Cup doubleheader features the Republic of Texas All-Stars vs Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars in the first match, followed by the USA Islanders vs the Saracens. Coverage begins at 4:15pm ET [5:15pm ADT] live at the Bermuda National Sports Centre and on FloRugby. The matches are more than just a game. Beyond Rugby Bermuda, dedicated to instilling core values and positive life changes focusing on at-risk Bermuda youth, is the beneficiary of the event.

USA Islanders matchup

Today's featured matchup pits two talented halfbacks destined to meet in Bermuda August 10th. The Saracens vs USA Islanders #ISLvsSAR, second match in the Atlantic Rugby Cup 2017, set to kickoff at 7:30pm ADT and shown LIVE on FloRugby will be an instant classic. Either Henry Taylor or Devereaux Ferris could easily win this.

Shelly Bay Beach

Explore family friendly fun at Shelly Bay Beach, a serene island oasis that offers a calm swimming and snorkeling experience for the little ones. Conveniently located 15 minutes from Hamilton by scooter or taxi, Shelly Bay Beach is the destination for any parent looking to spend a great afternoon with kids. Best of all, its nearby other kid-friendly attractions, like the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Snorkel Park Beach

If you're a daredevil looking to explore the exhilarating side of Bermuda, look no further than Snorkel Park Beach. Explore water sports to your heart's content; from jet skis to a water trampoline, you'll never get tired.

 John Barritt & Son Ltd.

We're proud to announce John Barritt & Son Ltd., the maker of Barritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer, as a sponsor for the Atlantic Rugby Cup 2017. John Barritt & Son Ltd. generously donated their zesty ginger soft drink and bottled water for the Saracens vs USA Islanders match on August 10 at 7:30 ADT. We appreciate their support of the charity match where all proceeds benefit Beyond Rugby Bermuda. Beyond Rugby is an organization seeking to instill core values and build positive futures turning young at-risk kids into productive student athletes.

Golfing in Bermuda

Bermuda is considered to many as the premier golfing destination for its expansive greens and dramatic elevation change. Bermuda's limestone outcroppings and majestic cedar trees, paired with the beautiful seaside, provide a serene backdrop to the manicured golf courses that populate the island.

The stunning views are sure to make your vacation, along with opportunities on various golfing courses to challenge both novices and pros.

Liberty Conference Bryan Michel

Stony Brook University's Bryan Michel will lead an all-star cast of Liberty Rugby Conference student-athletes in a contest against the Republic of Texas All-Stars in Bermuda on August 10, 2017. With a spectacular Stony Brook career including several Empire Conference championships, Michel is poised to continue his winning ways on the popular destination island of Bermuda.

Yoga on the Beach in Bermuda

Practice yoga with a serene ocean view on one of Bermuda's secluded beaches, or at a luxurious hotel resort. Perfect for the yoga beginner or pro, you can even try catching the sunrise while doing your sun salutations with two of the best yoga options Bermuda has to offer!

The Docksider Pub & Restaurant

We're proud to announce that The Docksider Pub & Restaurant is the official supplier of meals for the USA Islanders, the Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars and the Republic of Texas All-Stars for their stay on the island of Bermuda for the Atlantic Rugby Cup 2017.

Player matchup

Today's matchup features Chris Ashton and Gerson Blaise as talented wings. Catch them on the field on August 10 at 7:30ADT for the #ISLvsSAR game.

Vote for your favorite player »

USA Islanders rugby bag design by International Athletic

The new USA Islanders rugby bags are ready for shipment. Emblazoned with brilliant red, white and blue with a customized USA Islanders logo print on the side, the rugby bags made by USA Eagle Jeff Lombard of International Athletic are perfect at gearing up the USA Islanders for their much-anticipated #ISLvsSAR match.

Authentic USA Islanders rugby bag

The new USA Islanders rugby bags are now unveiled. Emblazoned with brilliant red, white and blue with a customized logo print on the side, the rugby bags made by Jeff Lombard's International Athletic are perfect at gearing up the USA Islanders for their much-anticipated #ISLvsSAR match.

Hall of History Mural at Bermuda's National Museum

If you're looking for art on the island, look no further than the National Museum of Bermuda. It's a capsule of more than 500 years of Bermuda's history, with various treasures uncovered from shipwrecks on display. But perhaps most beautiful is the giant "Hall of History" mural located on the inside of the building's walls.

URugby Collegiate Rugby Cup Bermuda

Announcing the URugby Collegiate All-Star Rugby Cup Bermuda. The match for the Cup is positioned as lead in match for the USA Islanders v. Saracens (London). The match will feature two collegiate all-star teams from the USA.

Rock Island Coffee

If you're in the need of a caffeine fix, Bermuda makes its famous signature style that can be found at Rock Island Coffee shop. Ideal for any artists, musicians or writers looking for a place to compose their next masterpiece, Rock Island Coffee is a favorite stomping ground for Bermudian creatives. While you enjoy your coffee or pastry, you can get an insider's look into the rich culture of Bermuda built on the arts and handmade crafts.

2017 USA Islander Rugby Jersey Front and Back

The 2017 USA Islander Rugby Jersey is now available for a limited time.

The USA Islanders rugby jersey design focuses on paying a respectful homage to island heritage and USA roots. By transforming the USA Islanders tribal-influenced logo into a larger scale rendered in white, as well as adapting a tribal design for the blue and red sleeves sides.

Blue Route Bermuda Sea Express Ferry

Visit the island's best sights and destinations in an easy and convenient manner! Bermuda’s Sea Express ferry system provides residents and visitors a reliable, regular mode of transport.

Front Street (Photo Credit:

If you are familiar with the City of Hamilton then you know that every Wednesday night (May through September) the restaurant-lined zone along Front Street is closed to traffic and transformed into a pedestrian block party.

Mikle Dill and John Layfield

Mikle Dill, a member of the Bermuda national collegiate-aged All-Stars at the recent 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s, just completed a 6-month stint in South Africa's prestigious Stellenbosch Rugby Academy.

The Bermuda Perfumery

The Bermuda Perfumery combines the best of two worlds: history and luxurious Island scents. Established in 1928, The Bermuda Perfumery is an essential must-visit for the perfume connoisseur and scent lover.

Saracens Victorious in Aviva Primership

On June 26th, 2017, the Saracens announced their pre-season fixtures as they begin preparations to three-peat as the European Champions. Of their pre-season fixtures, the warmest and most beautiful location of all is Bermuda.

St. Joe's on Bermuda Beach

With the opportunity to send two teams to the Ariel Re Bermuda 7s, St. Joseph took full advantage to use the tournament to grow as a team and program.

Stony Brook Rugby

It is no surprise that Stony Brook University finished strong in the 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s. Stony Brook University has participated in many URugby events such as the Bowl Series and the ACRC 7s but this trip will be one that they remember for a long time.

Saracens Wyles Scores

Saracens, the present Aviva Premiership and European Cup champions, will return to Bermuda for a third time this summer — and this time it is serious.

Hosted by Beyond Rugby and the Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda

The Beyond Rugby Berkeley Institute & Cedarbridge Academy end of season teams' dinner, hosted by Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda at the Ocean Club was simply amazing. Beyond Rugby wishes to thank Fairmont Southampton for their commitment to the Beyond Rugby program.

Quinn for the Winn - ALS Awareness Month

The month of May is ALS Awareness Month. Commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function. URugby is doing their part by working with Quinn for the Win and the Chris Munn 7s Tournament to help bring awareness and understanding to this devastating disease.

Beyond Rugby Gives Back To Bermuda

As part of Beyond Rugby's program to help young people develop character and succeed in school, the under-17 rugby team aided Parks workers and the Friends of the Bermuda Railway Trail to repair the trail near Francis Patton School.

Bermuda Youth at the National Sports Centre

The Bermuda youth rugby teams are preparing to travel off the island this summer.

Penn Men's Rugby "BikeA-Thon" fundrasier

URugby hosted yet another successful Ariel Re Bermuda 7s tournament this past March. Penn’s Rugby team was highlighted by Cole Jacobson of The Daily Pennylvanian in his article "Behind the scenes on how Penn men's rugby made Bermuda dreams a reality." While other varsity teams were traveling to St. Louis for Wrestling or Los Angles for Women's Basketball March Madness, Jacobson said that the Rugby team’s trip was "the best trip of all."

Penn Rugby Bermuda

The University of Pennsylvania is no stranger to URugby events, but this was their first appearance in the Ariel Re Bermuda 7s. According to President Matthew Caltabiano, the team took full advantage of being in the warm weather. "After our practice on Friday morning we all went to Horseshoe Bay Beach and jumped in the water to cool down," Caltabiano said while reflecting on the team's trip to Bermuda.

Iona College enjoys the surf and sand

Iona accepted the challenge of not only their first trip to the Ariel Re Bermuda 7s tournament, but their first sevens tournament in program history. Although Iona has taken in part in URugby events since 2014, namely the URugby Bowl Series, the team was keen to see what the world of sevens had in store for them. In their first appearance in the Ariel Re Bermuda 7s tournament, the Iona College Gaels brought their A game with a final record of 3-2-1.

top London professional club

HAMILTON, Bermuda, March 1 2017 – The USA Islanders announced a rugby exhibition match against top London professional club Saracens in Bermuda in August.

Bermuda's Mikle Dill Heading to South Africa

Mikle Dill led an impressive Bermuda Collegians side to a third place finish in the URugby supported 2016 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s. After his outstanding performance, Dill has recently been selected to attend Stellenbosch Rugby Academy to learn and train under the tutelage of some of the best coaches in the world. 

Dan Payne USA Rugby

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – USA Rugby today announced the hiring of Dan Payne as its new Chief Executive Officer. Payne, 43, most recently served as the Athletics Director for rugby powerhouse Life University, adding 10 varsity sports programs and growing the program to include over 300 student athletes.

Upcoming Match

Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 6:30 PM EDT @ Bermuda National Sports Centre

Also Presenting

Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 4:15 PM EDT @ Bermuda National Sports Centre
Nathan Earle vs Viliami Huihui