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Explore Water Sports at Snorkel Park Beach

If you're a daredevil looking to explore the exhilarating side of Bermuda, look no further than Snorkel Park Beach. Explore water sports to your heart's content; from jet skis to a water trampoline, you'll never get tired.

Go on a Jet Ski Safari

See Bermuda from a different perspective by going on Snorkel Park Beach's jet ski safari. You can rent jet skis at the shore, venture into the water to see stingrays, turtles, fish, herons and catch a glimpse of the graceful Bermuda longtails. Skim through sea gardens through Daniels Head and view the 1890s shipwreck The Vixen, which is home to hundreds of fish that greet the jet skis as you arrive. 

Kayaks & Pedal Boats

If you prefer a calmer experience, rent a kayak or pedal boat to enjoy the beautiful coastline. You can kayak to Ely's Harbor by going through Somerset Bridge, which is the world's smallest drawbridge.

Jump on a Water Trampoline

In a partnership with Fantasea Diving, Snorkel Park Beach offers snorkeling for any adventurer looking to get a close glimpse at sea life. You can also test your fears by jumping on a water trampoline in the middle of the ocean.

Whatever activity you choose, you're sure to have fun at Snorkel Park Beach. From jet skis to kayaking, Snorkel Park has you covered.

Snorkel Park Beach

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