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Mikle Dill's Trip to South Africa Improves His Game

Mikle Dill, a member of the Bermuda national collegiate-aged All-Stars at the recent 2017 Ariel Re Bermuda 7s, just completed a 6-month stint in South Africa's prestigious Stellenbosch Rugby Academy.

Dill Improves at the Stellenbosch Rugby Academy

Dill traveled to the academy with the desire and determination to become a better rugby player.  In addition to the national-level teams, Mikle played for the CedarBridge Academy at the high school level and the Teachers Rugby Club. Dill's skill at the Ariel Re Bermuda 7s earned him recognition and an invite the South Africa's top rugby academy.

While in South Africa, Dill noted the high demand that everyone at the academy sought. "The program has been very hard both physically and mentally, which at times made me wonder if I really wanted it or not, but once I got past the first few weeks it helped me to remember why I love to play the game," Dill said in an article with Bernews. After only about three weeks at the Academy, Dill could already notice improvements in his own game. "The coaches here don’t allow you to quit, and they will keep pushing you until you finish."

Dill fells the rugby culture in South Africa is infectious. This rugby culture helped him keep him focused on improving. "In South Africa, to some people rugby is like a religion," he also mentions in the article. "There are loads of people out at every game, whether it is a cup final or an under 18 game."

About Stellenbosch Rugby Academy

The Stellenbosch Rugby Academy is a private institution who officially opened its doors in 2005 with one full-time staff member, 4 part-time staff and 23 students. Currently, there are approximately 80 full-time students and staff members.

Stellenbosch Rugby Academy follows the South African Rugby Union's High Performance requirements and guidelines for national rugby academies including quality programs, as well as a focus on life after rugby. Rugby is a simple game - it has won the hearts of men. Therefore SRA is not only a Rugby Academy - it is a world class rugby experience. 

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