Viliami Huihui | USA Islanders Rugby Team

Viliami Huihui

USA Islanders


Club: San Francisco Golden Gate

Height: 6'1

Weight: 195 lbs.

Viliami Huihui was born in Tonga but did not touch a rugby ball until he came to America when he started playing for the San Mateo Rugby Club. His rugby career then took him through a couple of others teams, including the EPA Bulldogs and San Francisco Golden Gate. During his first year playing for San Francisco Golden Gate, he was named Player of the Year and also had the most tries. Huihui has also played for Tiger Rugby where he competed in the Coral Coast 7s in Australia. His grandfather, Ikale Tahi, played for the Tongan National Rugby Team,

Viliami Huihui truly loves the game of rugby and plays out of the respect of the game. He said, "What keeps me going is the love for the game. I don't play for the fame or how many tries, but I respect the game."

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