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Travel Back in Time to the Historical Town of St. George's

For the fellow history buff, Bermuda has you covered. Visit the historical town and fortifications of St George's, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. 

St.George's is a very small historic town located in the northernmost part of Bermuda, with the population not exceeding 18 hundred people. Established in the beginning of 17th century, it was originally named New London.

What is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization created a list of global sites that fulfill specific criteria to be deserving of preservation and monumental status. This World Heritage list highlights sites of outstanding universal value, and emphasizes the masterpiece of human genius or interchange of human values, especially in regard to being a testimony toward cultural tradition or settlements. Other famous monuments are on this list, such as Stonehenge in Easter Island, or Vienna.

Delving into St George's History

St George's is the earliest example of the English colonial town in the New World, with fortifications dating back to the 17th century that detail the progression of English military engineering up to the 20th century. The first permanent settlement began in August 1612, which grew organically from the center square (King's Square) adjacent to the harbor, along with outward streets that connect the town to the rest of Bermuda's beautiful ecosystems.

St George's Unique Architecture

The architecture of Bermuda is specific to the region, where unlike other European-founded cities in the New World, houses were made of soft, white washed limestone. The white color on the roofs were designed to collect water into cisterns and gutters.

There is wonderful old downtown area with plenty of old beautiful buildings like Stewart Hall and Saint Peter's Church.

Moreover, there are various barracks built on Barrack Hill in 1780, and accompanying naval fortifications and dockyards when British made Bermuda its official naval base after the American Revolution. You'll also find an abundance of parishes on the island, which retain rich historical value as community gathering places for settlers and refuge.

Visit St George's, tour the island and marvel at how Bermuda breathes history to life!


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