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Cliff Dive Off Clarence Cove

For any rock climbing enthusiasts, Clarence Cove's cliff is a popular attraction on the beautiful Bermudian seaside. Try your skills above the water by climbing the limestone cliffs that lead to tunnels built by the British military in the 1850s. Set in Admiralty House Park, you can also explore the ruined mansion that used to exist on the land or simply walk along the beach and enjoy the views.

About Clarence Cove

Clarence Cove, a small beach on Bermuda's North Shore, is an undiscovered gem for many tourists. Visit for the dramatic sea cliffs that ring the cove, and dare yourself to brave climbing the cliffs for an exhilarating adventure! If you get tired of rock climbing, you can explore the sea caves for lobsters and other sea life by snorkeling.

Admiralty House Park

Admiralty House Park

Clarence Cove is located in Admiralty House Park with various walking trails, underground tunnels and secluded cliffs. The park was once a historical mansion, now in ruins, for British Royal Navy admirals.

Check out the hidden tunnel passageways built for admiral Thomas Cochrane in the mid 1800s, supposedly to visit his mistress at night! Legend also says that the navy wives used the tunnels to host underground tea parties for entertainment. You can picnic at the tables nearby and take in the breathtaking view of ocean water, history and beautiful limestone cliffs.

Take a visit to Clarence Cove if you want a secluded beach perfect for an afternoon of wandering and adventuring!


Clarence Cove

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